Day 1

A lazy start after yesterday’s full day. You will take a short boat ride across the Nile. Opposite, as you cross, lies the majestic Luxor temple. Step off the boat and head up the steps to the world-famous Corniche, the riverside promenade that stretches the length of Luxor, ending at Karnak Temple. A short walk will bring you to the Luxor Museum.

The small, but exquisite, Luxor Museum is home to many local discoveries, particularly from the earlier part of the New Kingdom. Once inside, there are three floors of exhibits, with some great examples from the beginning of the 18th Dynasty. The Kamose stela tells the story of the expulsion of the Hyksos, while further down are many more local discoveries. The upper floor carries sections of wall from Akhenaten’s early buildings, as well as examples of his giant statuary. The basement holds fine examples of statues from the Luxor Temple cache.

A short walk along the river will bring you to the Mummification Museum, with its small, but fascinating, collection explaining the whole mummification process.

It is time to head back across the river to the hotel for lunch, where everyone can enjoy a welcome rest or even a nap. Maybe something cold from the roof top bar as you sit and watch the majestic Nile wind its way to the Mediterranean; the only river in the world that flows from south to north. Or maybe a catch-up snooze in your air-conditioned room.

As the day begins to wind down, it is time to make your way across the river once more, this time your destination is the Luxor Temple, originally built by Amenhotep III and added to by Ramses the Great.