Day 6

After a rooftop breakfast, we will make our way to the East Bank, taking a boat north down the Nile towards one of the largest open-air temple complexes in the world, Karnak. As we arrive at the landing and walk into Karnak plaza, we should see the mighty first pylon silhouetted by the morning sun.

We approach through a small avenue of ram-headed sphinxes and enter via what is known as the 1st Pylon. This is the beginning of a walk back in time starting with Nectanebo of the Late Period all the way back to the Middle Kingdom of Senusret I.

There are so many aspects of Karnak that it is impossible to list them here. Wander through the forest of stone that is the Hypostyle Hall, stare up at the impossible heights of the Hatshepsut and Tuthmose obelisks, take a trip through the Botanical Garden of Tuthmose III and witness the Battle Reliefs of Seti I. Take a little used path to the Temple of Ptah with its awesome Sekhmet statue, or find the Temple of Osiris at the eastern end of the complex. For the adventurous we can see if we can get a glimpse of where Akhenaten’s massive Gem Pa Aten temple once stood. We will visit the Open-Air Museum and find the Red Chapel of Hatshepsut and the White Chapel of Senusret I.

Just to the south of the main temple complex is the newly opened Temple of Mut, originally thought to have been built by Amenhotep III, but recent evidence seems to point to Tuthmose II and III and possibly even Hatshepsut.