Day in Cairo

This is an additional optional day which can be added either before the main tour or afterwards. An early morning arrival in Cairo. After landing, we will set off in our minibus for the number 1 destination in Egypt, the Giza Plateau and the Pyramids. As we approach Giza, we should catch our first glimpse of the pyramids between the buildings of southern Cairo. Having secured our entrance tickets, we will make our way up onto the plateau. Nothing can prepare you for your first close up view of the pyramids, it is a scene that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Expect hawkers selling all sorts of nonsense, but a firm “Laa Shukran” should deter all but the most determined. It is almost inconceivable to be outside the Great Pyramid and not go inside, but be warned, it is quite a climb inside, very claustrophobic and surprisingly hot – recommended, although entry inside the pyramids is extra.

From the pyramids we will make our way down towards the Valley Temple and the Sphinx Temple. On the way we can stop off at the temple built by Amenhotep II to the Sphinx as Hor-em-Akhet. Entry to the Sphinx is down through the Valley Temple. This is a good chance to see close up the incredible precision of the stone cutting, before going through to the walkway that runs along one side of the Sphinx enclosure. From here you can see the Dream Stele of Tuthmose IV and a good view of the enigmatic face of the Sphinx.

A quick lunch of the Egyptian street food speciality, Koshari , and then we must be on our way to our final place to visit; last, but not least, the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square. Here we will take in the vast collection, including many of the treasures of Tutankhamun.