First Day in Cairo

Egypt, the home of the pyramids, and where better to start than with the first one, the Step Pyramid in the Saqqara complex. You will start with the fabulous Imhotep Museum, named for the architect of the pyramid, and your first chance to see a real mummy. From here the minibus will take you to the entrance to the Step Pyramid. A short walk through the entrance colonnade into the Great Court will bring you face to face with the Step Pyramid, the first ever man-made stone monument. From here it is a few steps to the Pyramid of Unas, where you can make your way into the underground burial chamber. The mysterious Serapeum is next on today’s itinerary. Depending on what else is open, you will take your leave of Saqqara and head for the ancient capital of Egypt, Memphis,where you will see the massive statue of Rameses the Great. Time for some lunch and then onward to Dashur, and the Bent and Red Pyramids. Here you can venture inside the newly opened Bent Pyramid as well as the Red Pyramid, said by some as to be as incredible inside as the Great Pyramid. Your next stop will be a relaxing supper before making your way to Giza Station.  

Next stop Luxor