The GnT Egypt Experience – Reviews

Taking on the Red Pyramid

Taking on the Red Pyramid

The GnT Tombs & Temples Tour in Luxor in March this year was amazing. I have been with GnT to Luxor before and really enjoyed exploring the Ancient Egyptian landscape, tombs, temples and other sites.

The March tour was different from the first one in September 2018 and the most exciting part of it for me was the journey to Saqqara, Dashur and Memphis. I saw and experienced really intriguing sites and particularly enjoyed exploring the inside of the Red Pyramid. I climbed inside with Gavin and saw its huge chambers and felt very lucky to have experienced it.

The Pyramid of Unas and the Serapeum in Saqqara are so special and intriguing.  I’d love to visit all those sites again.

Anybody interested in seeing aspects of Luxor and other places on the tour which lots of other tourists have never seen should join GnT for the experience of a lifetime.

Hilary, March 2019

Maratonga - Medinet Habu

Maratonga – Medinet Habu

“Fantastic trip guys. Met awesome people on the tour and got a real feel of Egypt. Luxor beats Cairo hands down! Although speed crawling up and down the steep inside of the Great Pyramid was a high of the tour.”

Brett, September 2018

Hypostyle Hall, Karnak

Hypostyle Hall, Karnak

I was intrigued by the columns in the temples at Luxor, and it took quite a while for me to work out what each capital represented, the lotus or papyrus and how the careful fluting of the columns depictsbundles of papyrus stems. I was enchanted by the mortuary temples of Rameses III, Seti I and Hatshepsut and all the images on the walls. Karnak with the avenue of sphinxes, the pylons, obelisks and stele, temples and halls jammed with columns was fascinating. I liked Akhenaten’s tiny little niche. I liked Luxor museum and the national museum in Cairo.

I enjoyed crossing the Nile… and our sunset picnic on the water. Our dinners on the rooftop at the hotel were fun and so were our other evening meals out.

I would have liked to spend more time in Giza and see more temple ruins.

I would really like to join GnT again and go on another Luxor journey.”

Hilary, September 2018

Valley of the Kings

Valley of the Kings

“Thinking back on the trip. What an unbelievable experience. Waited 37 years to do the trip. Worth waiting to do it the right way.  Ted’s knowledge of hieroglyphics and love for temples and Gavin’s knowledge and love of the tombs was an excellent combination. Combine this with the best local operator I have ever met, must surely be the recipe for an unbelievable and tailor-made experience anyone could ask for.


1. The Nile remains unbeaten. Every Nile crossing was special and the sunset trip was something that cannot be explained. 

2. Valley of the Kings – no museum anywhere in the world can describe or give a sense of the grandeur, the workmanship and size of the tombs. Going into the tombs has ruined any display or museum for me. There is just no substitute for the real thing. It is very difficult to believe that these magnificent tombs were closed and sealed once the king had passed on, for no one ever to see again. 

3. Nefertari – Valley of the Queens. – incredible. 

4. Karnak – hypostyle hall. Impressive, so much history. 

5. Hatshepsut, sheer size just magnificent. 

6. Motor bikes are a must. So much fun and felt like a local. 

7. Lunch and cold drinks out at the Western valley.

Loved Medinet Habu. The local restaurant across the road was outstanding and became our second home. Excellent food and hospitality. 

I thought the food was fantastic. Put on 4kg with all the walking and water included. 

The Luxor pass made it very easy getting into all the venues. 

Enjoyed the company of the fellow travelers. 

The overall experience will remain a very long lasting memory. Not sure I would change anything. Worked well for me. 

Shukran –  ila al’likaa”

Andrew, September 2018

On the Nile at Sunset

On the Nile at Sunset